Develop a Mobile App without writing a single line of code

See the Mobile App you will learn how to build in the slides below or you can scan the barcode after the slides, to view it on your phone.

We will show you step by step how to develop a world class Mobile App in 45 minutes in our free 3 days online boot camp and interestingly, you won’t get your hands dirty with a single line of code. It’s free for the first 5 people. If after teaching you, if you can’t develop your Mobile App’s front page by yourself, for yourself , we will give you N5K for wasting your time and also write an apology letter to you.


How does it work? is a Mobile App builder for non programmers or programmers who want to build an App fast. It allows users create a Mobile App from our graphical user interface widgets and functionality modules.

Is the training Free?

Yes! It is free for the first 5 people, who register first, others will have to subscribe to at least our starter plan. 

For the lucky 5, they will have free access to our mobile App builder platform for 3 days to practice what they have learnt..

Why should I attend?

Mobile App developers are one of the most paid guys today, so learning how to develop a Mobile App  will

  1. Help  you develop your App for your idea
  2. Work as a freelancer to make extra source of income
  3. Learn one of the most needed skill anywhere in the world
  4. You can start a Mobile App development business, where you quickly develop Apps for  clients.

What will be the outcome?

The fastest way of knowing about something is by listening to those who have been there before. Read what people are saying

"Sincerely! At first I did not believe, but after the training. I practiced and mastered it in no time because it was pretty easy to learn, 2 weeks after I got a Mobile App job for N1.8M"
Sam Emmanuel
"Please! You have nothing to loose, the online boot camp is free and you will learn how to develop an App in 45 Minutes., just attend and you will thank me later. I never believed I could ever afford a mobile App but I built an E=commerce App for my retail business after the boot camp I subscribed for the basic plan to master my skills and then the business plan to publish my App to Google play and iOS stores."
Funmi Davies

What do I need to attend?

  1. Register early
  2. A laptop
  3. Internet connection to connect to the online boot ccamp
  4. Ready to practice what we teach you.

To attend for free and also to enjoy the free benefits,  quickly register for the boot camp via the form  below

How do I contact you?

Once you fill and submit the registration form below, you will see a Chat with us link, you can chat with us directly. Thank you.

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