Thank you for choosing This is our video documentation page, where you are guided on how to setup your website and E-commerce.

How to create a free Boons Website on (Mobile Phone)

How to edit and update your E-Shop Front page on (Mobile Phone)

How to edit and update your E-Shop Menus and Categories (Mobile Phone)

How to edit and update header & footer (Mobile Phone)

Update your email, check orders and reports on  (Mobile Phone)

This video documentation shows you how to update your store’s payment methods. (Mobile Phone)

How to create, edit and update your website(Desktop/Laptop)

How to create your E-commerce website for free (Desktop/Laptop)

How to edit your E-commerce front page (Desktop/Laptop)

How to edit menu and categories using  (Desktop/Laptop) 

How to edit header and footer on boons  (Desktop/Laptop)

Setup Your Email for order notification & Report using (Desktop/Laptop)

Add Payment Methods (desktop/Laptop)

How to add shipping cost

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