Most frequent questions and answers

Boons.me is a Mobile App builder for non technical users or technical users who want to build an App fast at a pocket friendly price. It allows users create a Mobile App from our graphical user interface widgets and functionality modules.

No! Boons.me builds Hybrid Apps with Native features like page loader, push notifications, dark mode, drag to refresh, offline detector, cached content, real time application traffic analyzer, download statistics, application translation, floating menu  and back to previous page and more.

Yes! We have a free plan that allows you develop your App for 3 days. Also with limited features. We also have the starter and business plans. Kindly view our plans

Yes! After developing your App, you will be able to generate your .apk and .ipa files, then with our easy to follow video documentation you can publish your App.

Apps built with Boons.me are intuitive, clean and follows all standard development policies for both Google and iOS. The acceptance rate is 95%. However, there are some other reasons why Apps are rejected that has nothing to do with the App.

Yes! We can support the business plan users quickly publish their Apps to their own account with the respective stores

Yes! You need to register for Google developers account($25 forever) and Apple($99 per year). But for the starter plan users, you can distribute your App through our affiliate mobile App or through barcode.

Yes! Regardless of the plan you choose, you can build for both platforms as Boons.me is a cross platform Mobile App builder. Although you can have different designs for each Apps if you decide too, but this require a bit of technicality but then our easy to follow video documentations shows you how to do this with ease. 

Yes! Once you Apps have been published to the stores, you will still have them there even if your Boons.me subscription expires. However, you account must be active with the respective stores.

Yes! You can build any App as long as the widget and functionality modules are available, we are also adding more widgets and modules. 

No! You are not cloning already made template, or copying and pasting. You will use widgets and functionality modules to build your custom App from scratch.

Yes! Our dedicated developers are always available to quickly add features or provide custom services at affordable prices.

Boons.me is affordable,  because our vision is to make Boons.me WordPress for Mobile App, where anyone and everyone can build an App for their businesses with ease and for less.

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